Jennica Janae

Self-Publishing Author


Hours spent watching Vikings: 17 Hours spent writing: 2 I swear if it’s not one show it’s another. I’m almost unable to keep up with the ever-expanding experience that is modern day streaming. I mean really. What would I do if they ever just decided to stop releasing addicting television series in mass quantities? I’d […]

Day of Appreciation

I woke up this morning, finished my glass of celery juice and then went for a walk on the boardwalk to try and achieve some deeper clarity about my life in its current state. I go on my walks so I can focus. So that I can know what I want and I know what […]


Good ole twenty-four. Not exactly how I expected my life to be at this age, but here we are trying to work with what we’ve got. It’s been quite the ride and though I don’t have any regrets, there are some things I would definitely change if I could. Today is the first birthday without […]