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This Is Us

As you all know I spend a lot of time watching my shows. I love my shows. I really don’t know any other way to live without them. I mean, I’d much rather have them then people – that’s for sure. So most of my days are spent meditating, writing, and watching a plethora of television […]

The Smoke Detector Incident

Hours spent trying to stop the smoke detector from going off: 2.5 Hours spent writing: 1 Last night around 2 AM while I was peacefully sleeping in my room, the smoke detector started going off. Why did it start going off? I’m completely unsure. But once it started, it didn’t want to stop. And it […]


Hours spent driving: 19 Hours spent writing: 3 It’s official. After about 19 hours of driving a couple of days of me trying to get my life together, I’ve finally made it to Holland for the summer. Holland Michigan. Not the province in Europe. Though the two have very similar architecture I’d much rather be […]

Didn’t See That One Coming

Hours spent Googling hotel guests: 7 Hours spent writing: 2 This week we have a guest who’s staying at the hotel who threw quite the curveball at us. I just didn’t see it coming. From the moment this lady checked in I knew there was something off about her. But what I would come to […]

How I Practice Self Love

Growing up with emotionally abusive parents I wasn’t exactly taught how to love myself the way I should have been. But I was fortunate enough to have a little bird on my shoulder who loved me unconditionally (my sweet papa) and because of that, I was able to tell the difference between love and toxicity. And […]

Castle Rock

I have a very love-hate relationship with Netflix. This is why I also have Hulu, Directv Now, and Amazon Prime. I never have to continuously scroll through the same bs that Netflix puts out. And I know I’m not the only one that feels this way so give me a break.  With The Handmaid’s Tale […]