Jennica Janae

Self-Publishing Author

Working a Real Job

Last weekend I started working as a hostess at a small cafe near my house. I haven’t worked a real job in nearly three years. I love what I do, I say it all the time. More people should find something they love to do instead of slaying hours a day making someone else’s dream […]

Moment of Reflection

I seriously cannot believe it’s December 1st. I didn’t even realize it until one of my coworkers said happy December 1st everybody. It’s crazy how fast this year has gone by. Truth be told, I’m ready for Christmas to be over with and for the new year to begin. Maybe 2019 will be a better […]


I recently came to a place in my freelancing career, a place where I never thought I would come to. It’s a place where things need to change in order for me to continue to do what I do. I never thought I would be here because I love what I do. I still love what […]