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This Is Us

As you all know I spend a lot of time watching my shows. I love my shows. I really don’t know any other way to live without them. I mean, I’d much rather have them then people – that’s for sure. So most of my days are spent meditating, writing, and watching a plethora of television […]

Quitting Van Life?

Days spent living in a van: 30 Days spent moving to an island with no vehicles: 3 After spending a month in the van, I started to think that it might be time for me to move on. Then I started to think that I really hadn’t given myself a chance to fully experience van […]

Thank God For Truck Stops

During my recent adventure around the east coast, I’ve acquired a new love of trucks stops. You see at heart, I’m a wannabe solo female van (or tiny house) goer. Some would say it’s my gypsy heart. But I just really love alternative living. And adventures. I love those too.  The first truck stop I ever […]

The Never-Ending Clutter

Hours spent sorting through clothes: 2 Hours spent writing: 3 The other day I was going through all of my things so that I could try my best to eliminate all of the unnecessary never-ending clutter that I have acquired. Mostly clothes but clutter nonetheless. This had to be the 10th time I’ve tried to […]

How I Practice Self Love

Growing up with emotionally abusive parents I wasn’t exactly taught how to love myself the way I should have been. But I was fortunate enough to have a little bird on my shoulder who loved me unconditionally (my sweet papa) and because of that, I was able to tell the difference between love and toxicity. And […]

Castle Rock

I have a very love-hate relationship with Netflix. This is why I also have Hulu, Directv Now, and Amazon Prime. I never have to continuously scroll through the same bs that Netflix puts out. And I know I’m not the only one that feels this way so give me a break.  With The Handmaid’s Tale […]