Jennica Janae

Self-Publishing Author

A Christmas Party

On Sunday I attended my second Christmas party of the month. Though I’m unsure why I’m not feeling the Christmas spirit this year. But it did feel good to get out of the house I suppose. I don’t really know anymore. I’m just here living my life. The first party was one that buddy had […]

Working a Real Job

Last weekend I started working as a hostess at a small cafe near my house. I haven’t worked a real job in nearly three years. I love what I do, I say it all the time. More people should find something they love to do instead of slaying hours a day making someone else’s dream […]

A Walk in the Park

I usually find myself going on a walk at least once a day along the boardwalk or throughout my little Gilmore Girl inspired town. I find that it’s good to be outside. And when you live in such a cute town next to the beach you really can’t resist. Or at least I can’t resist. […]